Friday, April 25, 2014

thank you bubu, i love you

You gave me new perspective

this is how ariawan make bed.
i never did it before, pulling off the corner to the other side.
not a big thing, but i kinda like it.

You taught me small things that matter

this is how ariawan rearranged things in the kitchen.
he folded the kitchen cloth in such a way to become a table cloth.
he also taught me that sea salt and kosher salt can help us tender the meat. 

You fixed things in my life

stairs to the second floor has been dark all along.
he put a light on, and so i won't get stumble he said.
and so malicca won't get scared if he has to go upstairs alone. 

You gave enlightenment to  things I don't understand

what happened every time i bake was that I have to pull off cables to get the lights on.
here and there, sometimes malicca got stumbled because of the lying cable in the floor.
as ariawan comes to my life, i got it all built-in. 

You cooked for me

ariawan is good with grilling and baking.
his oxtail soup is super awesome and his steak is comparable (or many times, better) to the ones we usually eat in a resto.
we love to invite our close friends and dine together.
but all in all, even though they were not as good, it is always good to have a guy who cooks for you. am i right or right? 

You supported me to discover new things

Ariawan always supports me, no matter how stupid I invent things or when they are out of my hands. he helps me with bebikinan, helps me with domestic errands, he simplifies my life.
and get them easier for me to chew. 

You time traveled me to childhood

this is my wrist watch when i was in high school and its been abandoned for years, because it was broken (at least i thought it so).
but as ariawan came back into my life, he fixed it.
the watch remained me how i met him the first time when we were young.
some things are built for timeless. 

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