Sunday, March 02, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning?

For our family, easy like Sunday morning might only happen in a song. In real life, we most of the times spent our Sunday by doing the house project. That would include cleaning up the house, or did a project around the house.

Why Sunday? Well, because it is the only chance we have have the full strength to clean up hahaha. Bubu is not working, Malicca can help this and that, Aki or Nini is around to give their hands babysitting La Luna. And the feeling after everything around the house feels 'right' is just awesome.

Clean up, clean up everybody clean up
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere
Clean up, clean up, everybody do the share
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere

Lap Lap


I love the new arrangement

Okay, a reading spot (but when to read)?

His rocking chair

Hello butternut squash

Hello, capsicum


Cherry tomato without tomato

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