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The true leader

La Luna is sleeping, so I get a chance to take a peep of my friend's activity on Facebook. And I spotted this woman. Name is off the record.

I knew her since she was an account director in my previous office. Not one of the best, I have to say. I personally think she is too old for advertising industry at that time. 10 years ago.
But then her career climbed up and still up 'till this present day, for now she has become group business director and the office's business grows fast since she held the position.

Today, I am smiling looking at her picture with her team and their supports (that would include secretaries) is having so much fun sailing in the sea with a yacht. I feel inspired. She was not one of the best account director, but I must say now she has become one of the best leader. Compared to her colleague who was way better than her in 2004, this lady I am talking about has grown more mature in leadership and in contrast, has rejuvenated in heart.

Why I think she wa…

The simplest, yet the hardest.

Yesterday I learnt that polite people are hard to find nowadays. Now I understand why my mom have been always fussy about etiquette. Because yes, it is a lifetime and constant reminder. Because to be a better person, we need to learn and be reminded in every single day.

I write this post not because I want to be praised. I write this so I can remember this story and read the silver linings.

Months ago, I decided to donate my expressed breast milk because La Luna did not really need it since she got me around to nurse. I blasted a message through socmed and I made a promise to myself that I would give the 29 bottles to anyone who called me first.  And I did.

The bottles went to a 2 months baby girl, whose mother could not produce much amount of breastmilk because she had to spend most of her times taking care of the baby girl's 5 year old brother. To me it sounded like a cliche reason compared to premature babies, or babies whose mothers was sick and could not breastfeed because medic…

Easy like Sunday morning?

For our family, easy like Sunday morning might only happen in a song. In real life, we most of the times spent our Sunday by doing the house project. That would include cleaning up the house, or did a project around the house.

Why Sunday? Well, because it is the only chance we have have the full strength to clean up hahaha. Bubu is not working, Malicca can help this and that, Aki or Nini is around to give their hands babysitting La Luna. And the feeling after everything around the house feels 'right' is just awesome.

Clean up, clean up everybody clean up
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere
Clean up, clean up, everybody do the share
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere