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The grand grateful


If I can be jealous of you, having grannies is one of thing I am jealous of.
Because I did not have the chance of knowing them like you know your grannies: my parents.

They are great parents. And as you know, they are also great grannies. 

Your grandfather taught me how to ride a bike, how to climb the tree, to go fishing, to swim, to drive a car, just like the way he taught you the same things the other days.
Your grandfather stood by me all my life, taught me to be a strong girl and a strong woman when no one near. He taught me to be a strong man at the same time. He taught me to be tough, even when I was left behind. He taught me that I never alone. Just like what he did to you. The one you looked for when you got wounded, the one who fixed your toys, the one who always around for urgent calls or just to get you to school or pick you up from school. The one who taught us there are greater things above us.

"You are my daughter. You have to be strong! When someone cannot make…

Malicca's snack box

Walaupun sebenernya Titan udah dapet snack pagi dan lunch di sekolah, sebagai program penyesuaian berat badan (baca: usaha biar berat badan naik) aku selalu bawain dia snack khusus untuk dimakan selama perjalanan pulang naik school bus. Dulu, snacknya suka dimintain sama anak-anak lain. Karena itu aku suka bawain agak banyak atau potongan yang lebih kecil untuk teman-temannya itu. Tapi sekarang, kalau denger ceritanya sih katanya udah jarang dimintain. Kalaupun iya, pasti jadi tukeran makanan.

Good boy! :)

Dulu-dulu, snack box Titan isinya cuma roti tawar isi berbagai selai atau telur atau siomay frozen yang tentunya sudah dihangatkan paginya. Beberapa waktu terakhir ini, agak lebih pengen usaha bisa bawain yang lucu-lucu. Walau kadang, enggak semuanya dimakan sih. Pernah aku bawain petite biskuit yang dibuat dari biskuit Ritz, cheese cubesnya The Laughing Cow plus raspberry on the top. Semuanya disusun seperti menara trus ditusuk pakai tusuk gigi yang ditempel bendera kecil. Eh, ...…

Looking through

Who are the significant people in your kid's life?
Who runs the house according to their eyes?
How do they see you?

Well, despite of what they say, we can actually look through their perception through their drawings.

I did not pay attention in the first place. But then I kind of see the same pattern every time Titan draw our family portrait. Then I browse and browse and browse about how to interpret children's drawings.

Do you see what I see?

I think, I dominate his life. And I do not know whether it is good or bad. As you can see, I always be the biggest figure amongst the rest of the family. Even though I was drawn alone,  he always put me the crown and sat me on a throne. But I love the fact that he always draw himself beside me *pastel heart*

To my satellites

To your sister, I am her Earth.  To you, I am your Saturn. The mother nature says you both are circling around me.  But in fact, you two are my gravities.  That keep me on my orbital lapse,  and live. 
Together we cruise the universe. 

To my children

Most people don't want to admit it, but face it: we all grow up to be like our parents, in one way or another. This is very true.

To my children, don't get too hard on your Bunda yah.
And you two should read this :)

Bunda Ikutan Sekolah

Belajar dari pengalaman tahun lalu, paling enggak ada dua event di sekolah Titan yang memerlukan bantuan orang tua untuk ikutan kontribusi. Pertama yaitu multicultural week event dan yang ke dua yaitu bussiness day event. Dua-duanya di kuartal genap, jadi bisa dibilang paling enggak enam bulan sekali lah ibu-ibu atau bapak-bapaknya harus ikutan rempong dengan kegiatan anak-anak ini.

Multicultural week adalah event besar yang paling banyak membutuhkan bantuan kordinasi orang tua atau bahkan hands-on langsung untuk kelangsungan acara. Karena event ini memang bener-bener berlangsung selama seminggu. Dimulai dengan hari pertama yang dimulai dengan touring ke kelas lain (ceritanya jalan-jalan keliling Indonesia atau keliling dunia) dimana masing-masing kelas sudah siap dengan tema masing-masing. Iya, salut sama guru-gurunya yang sudah menyiapkan segala sesuatunya. Hari ke dua, acara biasanya difokuskan di kelas masing-masing dengan memanggil guest speaker yang berbicara tentang tema daerah …

before bed time

One night, when baby luna was already sleeping, you and I had this conversation.

How's your day, malicca?

Just fine. Oh, ... what are your three happiness today, Bunda?

Hmmm... I am happy because you hugged me soon as I opened up the car's door as I got back from the office. I am happy because I am full, I ate a lot on lunch and dinner. And finally, I tried the famous Cronuts!  What are your three happiness?

Oh, I am happy because you hugged me too! I am happy because I have no unfinished worksheets today. Yeay! I am happy because on PDR I made masjid Baitul Rahman with math materials in math center.

O, really? that was what you did on PDR?

Yes, Bunda. I made it with the blocks with Aria and Revatta.

Do you like your school?

Yes, I love my school.

Do you like going to school everyday?

Ah la la la la laaaa ... Nnnnoooooo hahahahaha

Why you don't like it?

Oooowh because the worksheets are soooo many, I have 3 unfinished worksheets.

Then if you can build your own school, how would you lik…

To my little artist

Titan suka sekali menggambar.
Dari dulu. Beberapa koleksi gambarnya bisa dilihat di sini.
Tapi kalau ditanya mau les apa enggak, jawabnya selalu "Enggak mau Nda, Titan kan udah bisa gambar."

Oke, deh!

Gambar pertama dia adalah obat nyamuk yang muter-muter dikasih roda dan dinamain 'Mobil Obat Nyamuk'.Untungnya, anaknya enggak suka coret-coret dinding. Walaupun dulu aku punya cita-cita ingin mempersembahkan satu dinding khusus yang bisa dia coret-coret trus nanti aku cat pakai cat bening supaya enggak kotor.

Tapi, kejadiannya lain. Karena baru tahun ini, setelah 6 tahun rumah ini berdiri dan dihuni, akhirnya lantai atas yang memang direncanakan jadi ruang bermain baru benar-benar officially kejadian. Tadinya, boro-boro ditidurin, diinjek lantainya aja enggak seminggu sekali. So, let alone of having his personal paraphernalia wall, kamar aja masih barengan di bawah :)

Karena itu, baru tahun inilah akhirnya kejadian Titan punya personal display wall sendiri. Dia seneng sekali…
I loved my colour tone that day. But what I loved more was; for what I did.

Yes, I resigned for the second time for the same reason: to set up a new career at home while freelancing. Why the same reason? Well, sometimes you just have to try and reviewed your decision again and again to know which decision suits you best. 
The first time I resigned from the giant multinational company Leo Burnett, it gave a little residue whether it was the right decision or not. Yet I tried to be a freelancer for four months and then decided to get hired for a permanent position a few months later. Of course, under the circumstances I thought I could deal with: 15 minutes distance from the house and school so I can easily get here and there, ... and well paid.

But apparently, a few things are only beautiful as a concept. Not in practice.

I have learnt that working is not only about getting money or fulfilling your passion. Yes it has to be on the checklists, but there is a thing beyond that. The feel…