Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I love you and ...

... I am blessed that you are loved by many people too.

as we know it, you got [krey-zee] about Titanic for the past months as you wrote here.
Hence, you do not need to figure-out how people know about this current fetish of yours :)
Because sometimes, to know someone is not always through the words they say.
But rather through what they showed to people.

Yet you showed us your titanic drawings.
Your titanic lego.
Your history path on our YouTube (keyword: Titanic sinking ship).
And they were how we know how much you mad about the maiden cruise of Titanic.

Thanks to Tante @dialita who found the book for you.
She even gave you her Titanic exhibition ticket (no Malicca, she did not survived from the lifeboat like you thought *LOL)

So by all means,
you should be grateful for your life.
For the people around you.
Because you were loved. By many.
Remember that, always.

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