Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Rise and Shine!

It is my first day taking the maternity leave. I would say, ... I am starting my hibernation. The doctor planned the CS in two more weeks. But looking at my condition at the moment, I decided to take the maternity leave sooner.

 I woke up happily. I went to the backyard and saw the seeds are sprouting. I felt the sun warmly shone on my back. I felt ... so ... light. It has been a while since I have this feeling. Have I been longing for this? Hmm ... maybe yes. Or, maybe no. Maybe it is just another day, and just because I woke up at the other side of my bed everything looks different and new.

For whatever reasons, I am happy enough I can look into myself at this moment. To prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for the upcoming baby.

But it did not happen long. I then take my laptop and start doing my personal project and current interest: taking care of my Rapi-Rapi (please follow its twitter account @rapirapiyuk or FB fanpage Rapi Rapi; by the way) did some personal stuffs and time just flew by.

Sometimes I feel there is something wrong when I do so much things at home compare to how much I do in the office *sigh*

Anyways, ... it feels good to plant something.
It is like you are seeding hopes, and it feels happy as it sprouts.

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