Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are we worth the way we live?

Someone introduced me the question long ago, in order to shock me to start my financial plan. I think she did hit me on my face. She looked at my wish list(s) and sighed.

Are you worth these luxuries?
You can have everything, but not now. 
Instead, you could rethink of it, you could sleep on it, or you could just made it.

Then I shared the question to a friend of mine when he was about to buy an iPhone.
He waited months for his bonus compliment.
He sold his Sony Playstation.
He waited another months to save and shrimp for the iPhone.
He joined the long queue for the iPhone launch held by a provider, and back home for nothing; for he did not have any credit cards.
He finally bought the iPhone a few months later.
But then sold it anyway for emergency, and brought another one. The S series. 

"Are you worth the iPhone? Are you worth the life you live in?" I asked him when I knew how mad he had gone upside-down because of the quarter-bitten apple.

"Of course! I have worked hard after all this time!" He said (and sounded upset to me), then I got silent.

Do I really need that pricey present for myself too? After all I did? For the hard working, for all disappointments, for all those waits and winnings?
Am I worth a fluffy comforter, breakfast in bed and the warm bubble bath in luxurious hotel?
Am I worth days of me time enjoying a beach holiday?
Am I worth a shoe, limited edition bags and other pricey things?

I might be am.
Or, might be not.

Now it has been years. I do not know how my friend runs his life now, but the question still lives in me.

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