Friday, May 10, 2013

Asyiiik... bunda sakiiiiiit

i was infected by typhoid a few days ago (yes, no wonder i posted so much in the blog, cause it was the only thing i could do to get rid of those boredom on my bed). thank god the baby was (hopefully) strong enough to get rid all of the bacteria and antibiotics.

there i was lying down my bed, had a dizzy and feverish time with the non-stop gurgling sound from my tummy. the 28th week baby in the tummy moved less as well, maybe because of the 39 degree celcius fever that stroke me.

then there rushing through the door, my satellite did.

"asyiiiiik... bunda sakittttt.""lho, kok senang bundanya sakit?""jadi besok-besok pas titan pulang sekolah, bunda ada di rumah."

he smiled. i did too.

sometimes, a simple wish can be a very destroying one for the other. 
that's life. even when one does not know it. 

then he put off his socks and sat next to me.

"bunda boboan aja ya. nanti kalau mau minum, titan ambilin. kalau perlu apa gitu, titan ambilin. kalau mau lap-lap, nanti titan lap-in."

i smiled.

i asked him to make me a cup of warm chocolate milk.
and it taste the besssssst chocolate milk in the whooooole world!
thank you, son.
you are nearly six, but you master the how to take care a woman.


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