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There are 9 more rabbits in our house.
Oh, well ....
You can read the complete story here

Have faith

Whoever found the phrase "as easy as 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c"... he or she is wrong. Teaching how to write, to read and counting, are not easy. Let alone of the stress when we know other kids in her / his age, already read aloud. But don't ever let them put you in despair. Have a faith, that every kid has their own phase.
It took me a big fight with my conservative environment who could not stop asking my son "You are five, can you read yet?" or "Can you count to a hundred?" or "One plus one equals to?" My son being my son, he only shrug his shoulder and leave. My argument those days would be "When he starts reading is not important, what important is what his readings are."
Well, you can guess that my argument was not enough.
It is the era of child oriented learning based. If we take a mirror and see our reflection, seriously, do you feel satisfied with the way you brought up? the way you learn things at school? do you realize their future …

The book of fourteenth

Quite draggy, but it was  getting interesting after having it half read.
"What makes life is hell and hell is hellish, is expectation."  - Maddy Spencer, 13 y.o, the hell newbie -

She makes me laugh

Jadi ya ... Titan udah punya pacar belum?

Dimana? di sekolah yang sekarang?


Kalau di sekolah yang sekarang, enggak ada. Di sekolah dulu tuh ada.


Ada, namanya Putri Yogi.

O, ya? Ah, bunda pernah denger sih ... masih ya sama yang itu? Emang kenapa sih suka banget sama Putri Yogi?

She's funny bunda. She makes me laugh.

kok bisa?

Iya. Abis Putri kalo pake bedak tuh belepotan mukanya. Jadi lucu.


Iya, jadinya Titan ketawa kalo ngeliat. Kalau di sekolah yang sekarang, engga ada yang belepotan bedaknya, jadi enggak ada yang bikin Titan ketawa.

*Dalam hati* ... ya ampun ... jadi semua orang tuh sama yah. Udah fitrah kalau kita pengen pendamping yang bikin kita bahagia. Makasih ya Titan udah ngajarin Bunda :)

Mango Float

For another potluck party in the office. And like any other potluck I attended in my previous office,  mango float is my signature. 
Peep the recipe here

Black Hole

Don't let the name fool you. Black hole is anything but the empty space.  It is a super-massive star that goes off, loses its gravity and falls to the end of nowhere.  It sucks everything around it.  It is pitch black, not ever a light can get through.  It wiped off its trace, then it is gone.
Have you ever feel being like the dead star?
On a one fine day, you suddenly lost your gravity and fall to the deepest ground.  Being sucked and sucks everything around you.  So deep you will lost your breath and falls deeper and deeper and deeper. You go down under to the bottomless you don't know where you are, what to do, what to feel. Fading out.
To me, black hole comes in a form of a test pack.