Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mom, woman and wife

What else that is missing in your life? Someone once asked a woman while seeing her sad look. 
“What else I have not done?” She asked him back.

A simple milk spill on the table can be a big reason for mom to get mad.
A stupid question from a little mouth like “why?” can be a massive trigger for mommy to start a world war with the weakest creature on earth who will not fight mommy back: kids, and they have become the victim.

Maybe the question is not on what has been missing, but on a thing that is always wanted and wished to always exist.

Moms have that biological clock to wake up and get everyone ready for their activities.  Moms have (and always need to have) those new ideas to keep everyone’s mood in moderate level. Moms have those sudden driving skills when the clock is ticking for school bell and morning meetings with clients. Moms have that extra storage in her brain to remember schedules, tests, homework, what’s running out in the kitchen, bills. Moms also have that big heart to keep dreaming though she was hurt for several times; yet she keeps dreaming and the dreams are not for her.

Moms are also wifeys, who always want that intimate conversation. No, not that kind of chats we already know the answers.

We, moms, are women and we know we are strong.
But how stronger do you wish for us to be? 

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