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Beside bath room and the corner of our living room, our patio is another part of our house that I love. This empty spacious backyard was nothing until someone enlivened it. It is private, it is green, it is fresh and shady thanks to our mango tree. 

This is the place where we have breakfast most often. But what I love the most is, it always ignites good conversation every time we are sitting here.


Surprise, surprise!

Bukan, bukan. Ini bukan acara Surprise Surprise yang dulu pernah digelar sebuah TV swasta di Indonesia. Tapi rasanya, ... somewhat like it lah :)

So yes, this is our first ride with Mr. Golfie setelah beberapa bulan dia mendekam di garasi. Bukan karena kenapa-kenapa, ya memang kebetulan karena dia ditaro di deretan paling dalam, jadi kita suka agak malas aja makenya. Ditambah lagi, ... dia itu cepet haus. Kurang cocok sama iklim Jakarta yang panas dan macet gini :D

So yes, Titan seneng banget kita mau jalan-jalan ke rumah Andra naik Mr. Golfie. Dia minta buka sun roofnya lah, inilah, itulah, sayang kemudian dia tertidur di tengah perjalanan.

Ada bagusnya juga sih Titan bobo, karena enggak lama setelah bertolak dari rumah, tiba-tiba aku mencium bau hangus tapi kita enggak nemu darimana datangnya. Tapi Bubu memutuskan untuk terus berjalan, dengan mematikan AC. Kebayang deh kalau Titan enggak tidur, pasti protesnya ngalah-ngalahin kepanikan dan panasnya suasana hari itu. Di dahinya, terl…
I have been writing this blog since 2004. Through everything I wrote here start from poems, essays, short stories and sometimes a simple line of quotations, they reflected how I live my life, how I think, and inevitably reflected things or people  I loved and enlivened me.

Day by day that went by, they brought me to this day. Just like the sun that always rises in the east. Just like getting to the office to finish yesterday's requests. Just like predictable traffic in Jakarta. Life, apparently, is pretty much a cycle that brings you sometimes up or sometimes down. Many times I feel that what I am feeling now, I have experienced it before. If one or two things keep looping and keep coming to our life, maybe it is a matter of time until we can crack it.

Today,  is a new day, but today feels like happening in the past. Like it is happening when I was younger. Then  I woke up. Then I felt the beaming light on my window pane. I feel secured, I have my now and then.