Friday, December 02, 2011

The day I doubt my dream

Today is December 1st 2011, the day when a parent got very sad because of their daughter was cancelled to enter the Elementary School because of a stupid reason: he is the daughter of an HIV+ father. But me, I cannot believe myself what I am holding now: an acceptance letter of Malicca joining a school.  

To tell you the truth, I fell in love with the philosophy of the school from the first time I came to its Open House. I think it was when Malicca was about two years old. Being pessimistic about its tuition, and so I thought getting to the school can only be a dream. But like people say, don’t ever underestimate the power of dream. And from what I am holding now, yet I still think it is a dream. Is it coming true? Is it what is best for my son? After all these years of looking, is it the best one I have been looking for? Is this it? Is it the one? Up to this moment, I still do not know the answer whether it is the best school for my son, or not.

Then Bubu asked me whether I am sure my parent knew what was the best for me? I got silent for a few minutes. I said I do not know, then he continued. “No parents in this world know what is best for their children. All they can do is do the best.” He said.

Then Bubu told me about what his late father had said to him, that every school is good only if the kid loves learning there. And a parent’s responsibility is to find the school that our kids love. No matter how hard or how many schools he needs to get in. “So, no matter how much you have paid for the school; if he doesn’t like it; promised yourself that you will keep looking for what he likes. Never. Ever. Think. About. How. Much. Money. You. Have. Spent.” Bubu underlined.

Maybe he is right. No, I think he is right. This school might not be the best of all, but it is the best I can do for now.


  1. Anonymous19.12.11

    keep up the spirit Wul... I always be one of the supporters of yours :)


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