Thursday, July 28, 2011

Talking to a Venus citizen

How long have we, man and woman, live together? Why until the day I am standing still, it is so hard for me to understand what a man is saying and why is it so hard for them to listen to what we are saying? Why when we meant good thing it many times end up contrary.

This is why ‘How to’ (in this case: talk) to people (in this case: a woman) is important. And to all men in the world, I will reveal you one thing about woman: women love to be asked, either it’s a simple question or a hard-slap one like “How are you feeling?” or “In what stage is the life you are living now?”

If only word comes in a tangible, soft and easy to shape like play dough, it would be very nice wouldn’t they? No matter what you want to say whether they are I love you, I am sad, I am disappointed, I wish you did that, I am happy or whatever, the shape and the colors of the dough is what most important.

Because words are only words, and we do not have enough vocabularies to describe what our brain says or what our feeling is. We need more devices to give a soul to the words we talk. Is angry will still left the same effect when you color it pink? Is love will give someone the same effect when you color it black?

Now, would you spend your time to think of how the shape would be and what color would you inject when talking to women?

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