Saturday, May 01, 2010

Be careful of what you wish for

When I was a little girl, I love to watch Star Trek. Yup, Data was my favorite character. Despite of his John Cusack look alike, Data is a quiet, naïve and nice guy. Having watched Star Trek too much after school, it drove me to a wish of having such an ability they had, to be able to transform myself to other part of the world. Will we really be able to do that someday?

What if we actually … can!

What if, we are actually living in chaotic wires where you hardly know which one is dream or which one is real? When what you are dreaming is real and what you see now is what you dreamed about.

What if, there is no such a thing as past, present or future. All is present continuous tense.

What if life is just a parallel world and we are jumping in and out of the channels. It’s like tuning a radio. When the weather is good, all is well. Good songs, nice presenter, bright and clear on your ear. But when the weather is bad, it’s hard to tune the right frequency. You feel so confident with the frequency of your favorite channels, but it seems that today is just not an ordinary day. Noises are what you hear, and you just want to shut the radio down. And you did shut it down, but somehow the noises keeps coming even the cord has been unplugged.

If it happens, if it is how the universe works, we might never have a rest then. Even when we are sleeping, we are just entering other channels. We are just changing our frequency. We are just switching to another side of life where we will meet monsters we hate, or in reverse, where we will meet the most beautiful creatures we love to see.

And back to my wish of having an idea to transport myself, I guess I have to thank a friend for his birthday text a year back then. He said “Happy birthday dear friend, be careful of what you wish for cause it might come true.”
I don’t want people to look at me like a fool, when I said
“I think I have been here. Wait, … was it real or was it a dream?”
“See, I told you so! Uhm .. wait, did I tell you literally or did I tell you in my dream?”
Then I would shut my mouth up and think. And I could not figure out, was it real or dream? Then slowly I start to lose my faith. In me.

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