Monday, December 07, 2009

a prologue to my journey

funny. what a funny life. no matter how hard I tried ( I mean it when i wrote the 'hard' part), this is the journey I have to bear alone.
Even at the last minutes of the departure, when i still try (even harder).

in life or death, we are all gonna be alone.

and this is my first flight alone, to go to somewhere I do not know what I'm looking for.
viva la vida is banging my ear, as the plane took off its ground.
and I laughed.

gracias ala vida.
thanks to life.
what have I not experienced in my year of 30.
i felt so rich.
i have experienced a life full of love.
and full of those people around who loves me.

thank you God.
i know I always be the one who always have my fear deep in me: to be alone.
but I knew somehow, also deep in me, I always have the courage to always try.

the plane took off its ground.
giving me a beautiful scenery of the cottony clouds.
and I was looking at my own tiny hands.
can i bear these?
and the clowds slowly rearranged themselves.
spreading into thin layers, .. clear thin layers.
that is life.

when you stop rebelling, took out yourself from the satanic circle and just be an observer for a while.
forgetting of what you want, of what you are expecting, of your judgements.
you will see much clearer though.

'walking after you' is banging my ear now.
i know, someone will always be walking after me.

- in between the clouds, 06:50 -

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