Monday, September 28, 2009


God arranged a little nice surprise. That satisfies my visions of you. With a sunny gold wallpaper and artificial chilly breeze, I look at you carefully. Those eyes I used to stare at every single day. So close that I could even count how much eye lashes had fallen off from your eyes. And you start talking things you have always told repeatedly. I forgot how much you have told me those stories. And I forget how much I have laughed.

Then it starts raining. The fragrant of the wet soil starts to tickle my nostrils and brings me to the old days of ours. We were just two little girls who hugged and quarreled at the same time. You shared your bread; I gave you my apple. We drank the same bottle and read the cloud. And when it rained, we would happily dance until the rainbow come. And we would stand under the rainbow that spread like angel's wing. In between the clouds. I took a brush, pick a color of the rainbow and gave it to you. You smiled, and started painting the sky.

And the rain stops. I know your rainbow is sitting in front of me. Yours. Not ours. I muffle my lingering thoughts by looking at my frozen bluish nail.

What’s with our rainbow? Don’t you like its color? Do you want a darker vermillion or rather a lighter blue? Need a little bit injection of cyan on the lime? I ask you in my heart.

Suddenly I feel the intense heat of the sun burning my skin. So I just look up and that is the time I see your rainbow, if I can say it is a rainbow. It is made of one tone of color, just like the color of ... yours! If only I could pick the rainbow’s ink and shoot it through my veins, maybe I would. So I can be the same color as you. But I would not do such a thing. Even if I have to lose you, I cannot lose myself.

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  1. Nggak akan ada pelangi, kalau nggak ada hujan, seperti halnya nggak akan ada terang, kalau nggak ada gelap =)


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