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Do you believe what happen to you early in the morning, just reflect your day?

Well, I do.

Just like what happened to me today.
As I woke up, I read an sms that was sent about 8 hours ago. It was Astrid who sent me the sms. Astrid is the friend of mine in high school. We'd never a really really close friend, but somehow I feel that we have some kinda connection
(I hope she feels the same way too) :)

I'd got married first, and then Astrid did a few months later. Then we start to look for gynecologist, and decide to go to the same doctor, taking the same tests, having the same disease (rubella), having the same medications that we have to eat four times a day for three months, having the same trembling heart (having great expectation) if the period comes late, … and finally, Astrid’s got pregnant.

I was so happy. Really.

After a few weeks late for period, Astrid went to the doctor to have herself examined.
But sad,the doctor said that her fetus was not growing. So, … they have to…