Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Aku bukan Tuhan.
Bukan malaikat.
Juga bukan btari suci.
tolong bicaralah.
Supaya aku mengerti.

19.1.05 / 18.25

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Di suatu siang

Perutku begah!
Mataku memerah.
Aku siap menjadi durga.
Aku siap meledak murka!!!

Kepalaku pusing.
Penuh dengan pikiran-pikiran miring.
Jangan-jangan sejak lama!!!


(Belasan Januari, entah tanggal dan jam berapa. Tapi yang jelas lagi di kantor.)

Monday, January 03, 2005


Hey Sunshine,
What was up with you today?
Wracked me up and ignored me all day.
Hey Sunshine,
Can’t you just say?
What me to do, just show the way.
Hey Sunshine,
What was up with you today?
Roses are dead and so are the hays.
Hey Sunshine,
Don’t fly away.
I’m here for you, and I’ll always stay.

(2.1.05 / 19:15)

Purest Paper

Dear purest paper,
Why can’t I write something?

Dear purest paper,
Why my heart is filled with many things?

Dear purest paper,
Why can’t I think?

Dear purest paper,
Have I been too much asking?

Dear purest paper,
All answer I got is the clock ticking.

( 2.1.05 / 19:10)


“Why can’t I just be honest to myself?” Ask a clamshell to the sand beach.

“For long you have swum, just to ask something you can even answered by yourself.” said the sand beach but to himself.

And so the sand beach remains quiet, and let the ocean wave answers.

But listening to the ocean waves, the clamshell gets bored.Then she goes away. Brings her big-bold-white house ... and left her question half-answered.

(2.1.05 / 19:00)

Pray from mothers

A few days ago, me and the team had a presentation to client. It was a back and forth presentation, but we nailed it that day. And we had a ...